Technics SL-1200 SL-1210 turntables - a brief history

Technics SL-1200 & SL-1210 series turntables, have been manufactured since 1972, by Matsushita Electronics / AKA Panasonic - Japan.

In Club and Rap scenes around the world, they are oftern refered to as 1200's , Tee 12's , Tec 12's , Wheels Of Steel or Ones and Twos.

The prefix 'S' is an abreviation for "Stereo" and the 'L' perhaps somewhat confusingly, is an abreviation for "Player".

Originally released as a Hi-Fi domestic consumer record player, it very quickly became a firm favourite among radio and club DJ's.

Since its release in 1978, SL-1200 MK2 and its successors, have been the THE definitive turntables for vinyl DJing and mixing.
The MK2 presented several improvements, including increased motor torque, and superior sound-deadening and vibration-damping materials.

They are still regarded as the most durable and reliable turntables produced - a great number made in the 1970's are still in use today.

You can read a great deal more about these ledgendary machines, by refering to the excellent websites and resources on the Links page.

There has recently been a renewed interest in the vinyl format for DJing - this is mainly due to the fact that a rugged high quality CDJ or

Compact Disc 'deck', is prohibitively expensive for the home user , the cheap Chinese, plastic rebadged CD decks, being extremley unreliable.

Performing a set using vinyl is very rewarding and challenging, unlike players that merely require a simple push of a button, to mix and beatmatch....

There is also something very special about been able to hold a piece of music is your hands - you can physically see the makeup and structure

of the pressed track on the record surface, even before you place it on the turntable - quiet and loud passages, cue, lead in and break points.

Technics sady announced they were going to be ceasing factory production of 1200 / 1210 MK5 turntables in early February 2010.

They will continue full production of the classic MK2 & MK5G models for the foreseeable future, due to continued market demand.

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