Reverse mode can be switched on and off when the platter is stationary or while it is rotating.

To switch between forwards and reverse ( and vice versa ), press the start-stop switch for more than 1 second.

This may not seem very long, but in normal use you only press the start-stop switch for a fraction of this time.

When in reverse, the 33 or 45 RPM speed switch LED's, which are usually lit steadily, will blink twice a second.

This is your visual cue that the turntable is in reverse mode - this indication is essential to the DJ when the platter is stopped.

Audio notification

In addition to the visual (blinking LED) cue, you can be alerted of the platter direction, whether reverse or forwards, with tones.

This is particularly useful if you are not looking directly at the turntable, or you are playing or practising in a home enviroment.

To toggle audio notification mode on and off, tap the start-stop switch very briefly.

Normal operation of the start-stop function is unaffected, as it is not possible to toggle the audio mode by accident.

When changing direction from forwards to reverse direction, two short tones will be heard in quick succesion : ---- ----

Conversley, when changing the platter direction from reverse to forwards, a single long tone will be heard : --------

By default , audio notification is disabled when the turntable is switched on - the sounder can be removed, if not required.

Forwards mode selected

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