Q  Which versions of Technics SL-1200 and SL-1210 turntables / decks can this plug-and-play reversing module be fitted to ?

A   Virtually all machines we know of - this includes those with the suffix MK2 - MK3 - MK4 - MK5 and MK6

  The letter or letters following the last digit, usually refer to a particular unique feature, special cosmetic finish, or limited edition.

  One example would be the MK5G which has 2 selectable pitch ranges, a 'digital' pitch scale and a pitch reset / zero button.

  The LTD models have a piano black finish, GLD models have all exposed metalwork plated in 24 karat Gold, limited to 3000 units sold.

  They all use the same main circuit board - with just a few subtle electronics changes made over the years, improving performance.
  If you have read the instructions given in the  Fitting  section ( tab above ) and you are still in doubt as to which version of module to order,

  then  lift off  the aluminium platter using the finger holes and remove the circular black dust cover - there are 5 small screws to undo.

  You can then send us a photograph of the main board, using the form on the Contact page - we will then confirm which module you need.

Q   Is there any possibility of causing any damage or harm to my turntable / deck by fitting these reversing modules ?

A   Extremely unlikely - all Technics SL-1200 and SL-1210 turntables / decks are put into reverse every time you press the STOP switch.

  This is how a Fast Braking system operates on these turntables - the platter is switched to reverse direction, for a fixed length of time.

  Anyone who has ' tweaked ' their T12's, will know that setting the BRAKE adjustment preset too high, makes the platter spin backwards.

  Unique micropower logic is used to interface with the main board, absolutely no loading is placed on the turntable's control electronics.

Q   Is there a limited guarantee of any sort, supplied with the revTech 1200 reversing modules ?

A   As these modules will be fitted by a 3rd party, to equipment of unknown working condition, unknown usage history, origin or age, no.

  All modules are fully tested before despatch - they will provide many years of service, if fitted exactly as per the supplied fitting instructions.

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